Yeon Jung-hoon ♥ Han Ga-in’s children are caught in Seongsu-dong… I’m going to see my mother’s building

[마이데일리 = 박서연 기자] Actress Han Ga-in (real name Kim Hyun-joo, 40) told the current situation of the siblings.

On the 23rd, Han Ga-in posted a photo saying, “Uraegi ♡♡ I went to Seongsu-dong to see my mother’s building. Ego, little boys~~~ It’s not my mother’s building.”

In the photo, you can see a large advertising building promoting JTBC’s ‘Hands-Free Day’, a comprehensive programming channel. The children of Yeon Jeong-hoon (44) and Han Ga-in look at a picture of their mother on the building. The back of the children cares for the mother beautifully.

Meanwhile, Han Ga-in married actor Yeon Jung-hoon in 2005 and has one son and one daughter. JTBC’s ‘Day Without Hands’ starring Han Ga-in will premiere on the 25th.

[사진 = 한가인]

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