Yeongyang postal workers roam every nook and cranny to protect the green antelope






Yeongyang-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do announced on the 28th that it had signed a business agreement with Yeongyang Post Office as an honorary forest fire watchdog at the county office to establish a rapid reporting system from forest fires.

▲ⓒYeongyang County Office

86% of Yeongyang-gun’s area is made up of forests, and it is difficult to extinguish forest fires due to the rugged terrain. The situation is.

With this agreement, postal workers who travel every corner of rural and mountain villages are appointed as honorary guards, they install forest fire warning flags on business vehicles, etc., and distribute promotional materials to prevent forest fires.

Oh Do-chang, Mayor of Yeongyang County, said, “We will do our best to protect the lives and property of the county people by strengthening forest fire prevention activities, and we will establish close cooperative relationships with organizations to protect valuable forest resources.”

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