Yes!! “Black Ant” was greeted by “Doctor Chang” like this. What should I do?? (Leo people need to know)

Your face is gone !! “Black Ant” was greeted by “Doctor Chang” like this. What should I do?? (Leo people need to know)

Even if you’re greeted and protested again, you don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to be afraid. “Black Ant Kachapha” Famous MCs who, no matter what they move, have to be extra careful. because before, they had encountered many monsoons together which the latest one is too big to really eat with the case of speaking without thinking to crush the hearts of fans and artists play for fans “Nichkhun” and “Bambam” Raise the procession to attack without a break for a day But now that drama is completely gone because “Black Sheep” came out to admit the mistake and vowed that such a thing would not happen again Otherwise consider yourself out of the MC’s role.

In the end, only sincerity is the most important. So it seems shameful nemesis of “black ant” It must have all disappeared, but where is it when a famous fortune teller like “Doctor Chang Thosaporn Sritula” came out to say that if “black ant” Still doing the same behavior, believe that there must be bad things to follow. Whatever behavior Do I need to modify or add more mute? Let’s go see the post of “Black Ant” …

by “black ant” The celebrity host has posted a picture of herself. to personal instagram along with the message that

“Dao moves, just prepare to handle it. Calm down for 1 month and 10 days. Believe @morchang to be conscious and satang will follow. Mind is broken. Satang is disastrous. Leo people”




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