Yes, please smile, sad, water the son’s funeral. Revealed to call to repeat for driving. after a sign

From the accident, Mr Peeraphon Chantrong or Arm, 26 years old, the eldest son of Ae Chernyim, a big bike crashed into a trailer and caught fire. causing death In Chaiyapruek Road, Nonthaburi Province last night

Recently, Ae invites smiles to post on Facebook “Invite you to listen to Phra Abhidhamma Arm Peeraphon prayers at Choeng Wai Temple (Bang Sue) tonight, the first night of September 30. #It’s time to rest, baby” before posting again that “When you were born, my father was standing and looking through the mirror. The postnatal room. When you left, my father was standing and looking through the mirror as usual.. but the feeling different.”

Later, at 3 pm on September 30, in Sala 1, Wat Wetawan Thammawat or Wat Choeng Wai Krunthep-Non Road Bang Sue Sub-district and Bangkok District where Peeraphon’s funeral was located arranged to water the funeral using the method of watering the body in the picture which is located in front of the coffin because the body is incomplete Amidst the grief of parents, relatives and dozens of friends, Ay-Chutima Naina and The Comenian Thailand team also attended the funeral service.

Ae Chernyim tearfully said that Arm only graduated from high school at the age of 16. She was an artist since childhood. Go out to work, play guitar, sing in various restaurants for 500-1,000 baht each. In the past 2 years, he came to help himself on the ghost hunter program. Currently, he bought a house for 2 million baht alone in Bang Khu Wat District, Nonthaburi province. She lives with her boyfriend. Close to the father’s house, this child is very attached to him. Of the 7 children, what problems do they have? In the past, they warned about speeding. until there is an omen to stand in front of the house with a head full of blood Call to warn about the matter again. until he crashed and died The part that posted messages and pictures on private Facebook is a picture of a child looking through the car window in the base car during the time of the child’s death. with the baby born through the glass of the delivery room It felt so different. very happy birth painful death

There will be a funeral prayer for Mr.

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