Yes, smile please, invite the spirit, Arm, the monk is very strong. Goosebumps live in the middle of the night I’m happy like a child

Goosebumps for a strange reason Ae, smile please, invite the spirit, Arm, Phra Lan’s son, who has never been seen anywhere, the spirit is very strong. Goosebumps in the middle of the night live I’m happy if it’s a child.

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After losing Arm, the administrator of the page about ghosts, the famous funny son Ae, invites smiles. by ghost story page Live broadcast, Ae invites you to smile with family and friends. Invite monks to invite the spirit of Arm by saying that he is coming to raise his father (Arm, a ghost story).

thenIn the middle of the night, Ae invites you to smile alive while at home. Many strange things happened. Both car doors cannot be closed. to close the gate of the house, he cannot go back and close it which the News has shown to see by saying If someone goes through the door It will bounce back like this. In addition, the lights in the house suddenly went out. funny how to say I’m sorry if anyone finds this ignorant. But if it’s a child, I’m happy

Yes, please smile and tell me that when you go to summon your soul back Inviting this well-known monk directly When I arrived at the location, I got into the car with goosebumps. At first I didn’t believe I had to call back from there. But I think it’s more of a belief. After death, you have to chase your merit and karma. Whose soul comes to the bridge? he went to follow the ceremony

But I got goosebumps all over. Reverend Father Ung came down with I said he was strong. He also said goosebumps all over his body too. He told me to invite a spirit that he had never felt like this before. But to summon the Spirit Arm, he said it was really strong. What is said is the belief of the people. The Lord said the spirit was strong. because if you call home, they call you dead Thank you everyone for your support. Anyone near Cheong Wai Temple on October 5 will have a funeral ceremony at 5:00 PM.

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