Yes’Sir Days release a new single ‘I thought she was only in the drama’ The song Att wrote was based on the real scene at the height of life.

One new song from the band Yes’Sir Days, the Godfather of drama soundtracks, this time, Atth, the lead singer, really raised the experience he had encountered, surprised, hurt a lot to convey. which he himself said he sings a lot of theatrical songs I don’t think real life is more than drama.

The new song, this song is called ‘I thought it was only in the drama’, Att brought the story he saw with his own eyes that Ex-boyfriend serving a love scene with people others in the car Ready to convey through the most painful songs by writing North-North Wong Tai Prayun’s words and communicating through the music sound that still has a strong signature, both melodies. and a deep cut solo line

Part of working behind the scenes of this song has been working with talented musicians, including Big Ass Kob as Executive Producer and Natt Klear as Producer to help bridge the gap to make their new single light. Not only that, Tik Playground and Hai Thanwa team up to make the melody to come out as Yes’Sir Days most painful and true slow song.

Fans can experience the (real) pain through the song ‘I thought it was only in the drama’ from Yes’Sir Days today on YouTube: Genierock and all Music Streaming services or request songs to EFM94 during EFM DJ PLAYLIST all day

Photo: genie records


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