YETI OUT and BODY GNOVE are launching a joint capsule collection

Musical creative group Yeti Out have teamed up with water sports and outdoor leisure clothing brand Body Glove to launch a joint capsule series “REZGO” Both parties draw inspiration from Body Glove’s fashion apparel archives from the 1990s and uses the iconic Body Glove hand logo design. with the Yeti Out Logo, it showcases an 8-bit retro lo-fi visual aesthetic.

In the capsule series, the T-shirt adopts the eye-catching fluorescent yellow as the main color, the front is the beach sunset and surfing pattern, and the back is the hand-shaped Logo that indicates the status collaboration and the vinyl record. player, showing music theme. In addition to T-shirts, the jackets, vests and baseball caps brought here also use reflective patterns, and the high-sensitivity elements make the entire capsule series an excellent “equipment” for parties beach carnival. At the same time, this collaboration also marks the official landing of Body Glove, born in 1953, in the Chinese market.

Three products of the YETI OUT x BODY GLOVE “REZGO” capsule series have landed on the official channels of BrandNA and Yeti Out, and interested readers may wish to stay tuned.

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