YG reacts to BLACKPINK Jennie’s private life leak “Investigation request… hard to ignore anymore”

Complaint against the first distributor of personal photos submitted to the police in September

Legal response to reckless personal attacks and invasion of privacy, ‘warning’ even to second degree offenders

Jennie, a member of the group Blackpink. Provided by YG

In relation to the leaking of photos of Jennie, a member of the group Blackpink, the agency took legal action.

YG Entertainment announced on the 3rd, “We have officially commissioned the police to investigate the person who first distributed Jennie’s personal photos.

YG continued, “To minimize further damage, we have refrained from commenting and expressing our position, but the recent mass production of rumours, accusations, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy fueled by personal photos did for me to feel positive. a sense of responsibility that is hard to bear.” He explained the background for taking legal action.

YG said, “We are taking strong legal action against posts that damage the character and honor of our artists.” We would like to inform you that we have filed a complaint or charge for defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act, which is contrary to the prohibition on illegal distribution of information, and obscenity using communication media.”

The agency warned that it would take all legal action without mercy for any additional damage that might occur in the future. YG said, “Photos that are distributed online are being illegally disclosed regardless of the person’s will. Please refrain from indiscriminate sharing.”

Since last May, several photos of Jennie and a person believed to be a member of BTS V have been uploaded one after the other to online communities, and rumors of a dating relationship have surfaced. YG and Hive (BTS agency) did not comment on the authenticity of the photos. Since then, as pictures of her private life have been circulated several times, Jennie’s fans have urged the agency to respond actively, saying, “Protect the artist.”

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