Yingyong with her daughter Yoyo reveals why she doesn’t appear in the media with the weight.. Because he is Yingyong’s son

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam opened her heart after going through the monsoon, the heaviest news in her life. Ready to swing daughter Yoyo, explaining the reason why he is not released to the media he revealed that he has escaped from his father’s shadow…

came out to open after experiencing the worst monsoon in life For a famous singer, Yingyong Yodbua-ngam, together with a beautiful daughter, Nong Yoyo Simonmas, reveals the reason for not bringing her child to the media. Was it intentional to hide it? and clear the mind of father and son The reason that makes Yoyo feel that she should not be born as Yingyong’s child !! All editions in the Talk Show program on Channel One31 with Chompoo before afternoon and Peggy Srithanya as MCs.

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

– About a lawsuit?

Yingyong: It has been over for many years, 2 years ago.

– When you go on any programme, nobody asks for it. So I wonder how this story keeps coming?

Yingyong: First of all, thanks to the brothers and sisters fans who have always encouraged us. Thanks to everyone who is worried, the youth in the industry are also worried. Now clear everything for yourself. We have already received justice from the court that we are not guilty. Just because we are negligent in doing it, everyone can be guilty of 1. Intent 2. Being persuaded.

– At that time, I heard the news that I was very stressed because of the monsoon storm. What was that time like?

Yingyong: Indeed, we are confident in our fairness. because we are confident that we are not going to make a mistake I did not intend to deceive anyone. We didn’t do anything wrong on purpose. It may be wrong to contact other people.

– When the court decides that you are not guilty of anything How are you?

Yingyong: The past has made us stronger, stronger, and we know more about our self-care system. In the entertainment industry, sometimes looking at us as a celebrity, we want to go there to earn money. In fact, we have to be careful too. For the new generation, this is a moral lesson for everyone.

– Since I was born, this is the biggest issue. Is it the heaviest in your life?

Yingyong: is the biggest story don’t even think about it it will happen to us

– On the girl’s side, how did your father come across stressful things like this to encourage your father?

Yes: I am encouraged. But I am a person who rarely speaks directly about my feelings. If it is on social media, I have posted to support my father through personal IG. It took someone to make news. Then someone came and said I was saying “Your father made a mistake. also encouraged that we will pass together “I deleted that post and didn’t talk on social media. but he told dad he would go up soon, fight, fight, at that time I was abroad too So we did don’t talk much.

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

– Now it’s over forever. What has this story taught you?

Yingyong: Teach us to analyze and consider people whether we should do it or not. Do you agree with him? We must be more careful about people. In the past, grandchildren were cheated. Someone called to say that drug dealers Many people transfer money from banks. The mother and the child

– Let’s talk about the girl. Rarely seen in the media Mother said she intends to close or not?

Yingyong: I really wanted to open it, but it didn’t really want to come. Invitation to go anywhere Don’t want to come out on the show, don’t like it.

– Asked why he didn’t come out and reveal that he was Yingyong’s son?

Yes: At that time, when Yo was no longer acting and returned to live abroad, he gained weight. Time to go where? People started saying whether they were fatter or not. So I don’t want to go out with my dad. It’s still hit today.

– Did your father know that someone greets us like this and we lose our confidence?

Yes: he should know

Yingyong: We have to accept the fact that it happens to us. When we tried it, it wasn’t what we thought. Everyone can grow up, be fat, be chubby, but it’s up to us that we try to reduce but it doesn’t work. It’s normal for people.

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

Has dad told you it’s okay? Encourage your child?

Yingyong: tell him, but every time he advises him he wants to try to take care of himself more worried about him It’s okay to be young like this. But as he gets older, he will have health problems.

– When bullying, how do we fight against people who come to bully us?

Yes: I find it hard. I feel that no one who is bullied is okay with what people say But I feel These days, the world has change, and no one who is fat or thin should be told this way. Are you too thin? Are you too fat? Everyone should not have anyone come across these words.

Yingyong: Always tell your child not to pay attention. In this period, the person he was beaten with was still able to live in society.

– Would you like to leave YoYo to people who like to insult people and like bullies?

Yes: Let him think, if he is hit, how does he feel? But if you get hit sometimes and you don’t feel anything, then I would like you to live happily.

– Another pressure is being Yingyong’s son. Where is the pressure on him?

Yes: As if we were going to do something, people would expect a lot from us. Since childhood, with the fact that the father has not revealed yet that he is the father’s son but the person inside knows And when I play a play or do something He will speak very well. Brother Yong taught his son very well. I have never come to see you. The reason I can live today is because of Yingyong, because of my father, you know, everyone always talks to me like this. Until I felt that or because I was a famous kid, I didn’t get any praise. because everyone went to see the father

– Do you regret that moment?

Yes: It feels like why don’t you praise us. Or maybe he was praising me but I feel like I didn’t get the praise from him.

Yingyong: He used to think that being an actor was being a singer because of Yingyong No, he’s good.

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

– You said you used to feel bad, what do you feel?

Yes: I used to think that I shouldn’t be born as Yingyong’s son. I’m lucky to be a father’s son, a father’s son, but outsiders tend to look like He was able to be here because of Father. He had never seen the potential in us, so he was sad, but he didn’t sit down and talk directly to his father. to meet like this, feel like this

– This is the first time Yong-hyung has heard this?

Yingyong: Yes, we are fathers, we don’t think anything Do everything for your child to make him a good person. We want our children to have a good career. good education He wanted to do a play but he couldn’t. He then threw himself into studying drama directing. because he likes the entertainment industry But he managed to get in.

– When he was under pressure like that, didn’t your father know?

Yingyong: I don’t know. Everyone came to praise us that YoYo played a very good play and we were secretly happy.

– Is there anything you want to say to your father today?

Yes: Thanks dad for being a consultant. take care of everything support in all matters, sorry if I’m good at spending money, disobedient, sometimes arguing, I love you always

Yingyong: Tell your children, from now on, you need to find the money back for the father and for the mother to return because we are adults. We are ready to take care of parents in return, father waits, loves children, takes care of children.

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

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Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

Yingyong Yodbua-ngam swings with daughter Yoyo, reveals why she doesn't appear in the media

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