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Yoari’s stage was the most impressive among singers. Interview①

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Interview between’Singer Gain’ No. 32
“I look forward to who will be the final winner”
“Yoari, the stage overcoming stage fright is impressive”

‘Singer Gain’ Singer Sairo./Photo = Reporter Seo Ye-jin

Singer-songwriter Sairo (Jang In-tae, Jo Hyun-seung), who received attention as singer No. 32 in JTBC’s entertainment show’Singer Gain-Unknown Singer’ (hereinafter’Singer Gain’), expressed expectations for the final episode.

Sairo said in an interview with Ten Asia on the 5th, “I am very excited about who will take the first place.”

The long-awaited final round stage of’Sing Again’ will be held today (8th). Lee So-jung, Lee Jeong-kwon, Jung Hong-il, Lee Seung-yoon, Yoari, and Lee Moo-jin, who were selected in the TOP6 last week, are expected to compete fiercely for the final winners.

Jo Hyun-seung said, “At first, I thought it was a close match between Lee Moo-jin in No. 63 and Lee Seung-yoon in No. 30, but the more I went up, the more I couldn’t know the victory. Personally, I think that Seungyoon will win,” he said carefully. Jang In-tae picked Lee So-jung and Lee Seung-yoon as the No. 1 candidates. “Lee Seung-yoon’s stage is unconventional and Lee So-jung’s emotional. So I don’t know more.”

'Singer Gain' singer Sairo./Photo = Reporter Seo Ye-jin

‘Singer Gain’ Singer Sairo./Photo = Reporter Seo Ye-jin

Sairo appeared as the 32nd singer in’Singer Gain’. The reason Singer No. 32 was imprinted by the public was Sanwoolim’s’Agujang’, sung as a’strong fate’ team with Choi Ye-geun No. The stage also recorded 800,000 YouTube views.

In the third round rivalry, Shin Hae-cheol’s’To You’, a powerful destined team that advanced to the fourth round, chose to stand alone in the fourth round, and was unfortunately eliminated from the fourth round, the final threshold to the TOP 10. At that time, there were a lot of singers who were powerful enough to be called the Joe of Death, but the selection of medleys for’Ordinary Day’,’Gill’, and’Lie’ by God of the Sairo caused the judges to regret.

When asked about the memorable stage of the captain, Jo Hyun-seung said, “The stage of Park Hyo-shin’s’lover’ of senior Yoari, who was a group like the fourth round. I also looked at it while contrasting it with Yoari, who said he had stage fright on the first stage.

Jangintae is “yijeonggwon seniors sang IU ‘name to’ ‘what did such” a was impressive wonders of the stage and choeyegeun “and” “name to” The stage was something touching the names of performers appearing in backstage video with lyrics ,’Shall we walk together’ has a deep reverberation as it seems to refer to the strong destiny team we have walked together.”

The final episode of’Singer Gain’ will be broadcast today (8th) at 10:30 pm.

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