“Yodsaenchai” vs. “Dao Dang Muay Khamae” in Muay Thai Super Champ on Channel 8 !!

“Yodsaenchai” vs. “Dao Dang Muay Khamae” in Muay Thai Super Champ on Channel 8 !!

open battle of dignity between the top Muay Thai Enter the top of Cambodian boxing. Main couple leading the show This Sunday, June 5, 65, “Yodsaenchai, Sia Dam, Moo Pla Ra Rachadamnoen”, a skilled boxer. Many champion degrees meet “So Sowanratana” Khun Sok Chomruth, the famous champion of Muay Khamae. Enjoy the fun with “Chalermsub Phuket Fight Club”, a crazy sea adventure. Open a battle to solve your doubts with “Nikita Saiakin”, a sharp-handed white bear from Russia. along with top fighters Massively mobilized both men’s and women’s boxing in the “Muay Thai Super Champ” battle from 19.00 on Channel 8, press number 27

Classical skill “Yodsaenchai, Sia Dam, Moo Pla Ra Rachadamnoen”, a veteran fighter, complete with weapons. Which the past fights attacked the opponents of the French perfume country, losing only the first round called Yod Saenchai is back in form that is very confident, while “So Sowanratana” Khun Sok Chomruth, a Khmer boxing champion degree from Cambodia, who this fighter used to cut elbows to knock out Thai fighters The kind that fell and stood before the land After he was able to win in Thailand Causing the name of Sow Sowanrattana to become a famous boxer of the Khmer country immediately. How will the results of this boxing match end? hard to predict But this fight was definitely a five-star boil.

While the main partner joins the coordinates of 70 kg. “Chalerm Sap Phuket Fight Club”, a crazy sea adventurer from Nakhon Si Thammarat. This fighter can be called extraordinary skill. There are both heavy and flirtatious, will have the opportunity to resolve their concerns with “Nikita Saiakin”, a sharp white bear from Russia. that comes with the strongest body and complete boxing weapons by last fight The duo opened up a boiling exchange game in a hardcore boxing style. until always the most unsatisfactory The fight in part two Guarantee the boil to the heart, definitely not losing the first part Because both want to win But how will the outcome end? Boxing fans don’t miss it.

Other interesting boxing matches are as follows: 61 kg coordinates “Phet Si Khew Prime Minister Kampanat” meets “Babak Hakki” from Iran, 73 kg coordinates “Sammy Sammy Muay Thai” meets “Alec McGre”. “Guer” from England, coordinates 53 kg. “Ms. Hong See Through Wedding”, a fierce girl, meets “Milagros López”, a dangerous twin from Argentina, “Fahsai, Ajarn Yutchai” meets “Marie Heinz” a sweet, fierce girl. From Luxembourg and the coordinates of 54 kg. “Yodkumar Magchandi” meets “Chan Rit” from Cambodia.

Follow a boxing match, a boxing match of dignity, Thai boxers vs foreign boxers. Ranking No. 1 in the era on Channel 8 Muay Thai Super Champ On Sunday, June 5, 2022, the live broadcast starts at 19.00 on Channel 8, press number 27, The King of Fighting Sport from The Bazaar Theater Arena, as well as follow the news and watch live via the streaming system. Youtube:channel 8 boxing

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