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[Yokogawa View]How the U.S. military plane’s downfall implies a serious threat to the CCP | US-Japan Relations | Communism | Cuban Protest

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[Epoch Times, July 16, 2021]Hello, viewers, my name is Yokogawa. Welcome to the Yokogawa Viewpoint Channel. Today is Thursday, July 15th.

Today’s focus: What is the significance of the US military plane’s landing on Taiwan? What are the serious consequences of the Chinese threat? What did the Arizona Senate hearing say? Hei Minggui declared his support for the Cuban Communist regime.

After the last C17 large military plane, what is the mystery of the US military plane landing in Taiwan again? Desensitization therapy? Japan’s relations with Taiwan and China are also at a major historical turning point. How did it happen? Hei Minggui’s statement against the United States’ support for the Cuban Communist regime is consistent with its communist nature. The Arizona Senate held a hearing on the progress of the audit. Who should be responsible for the delay?

U.S. military plane visits Taiwan to threaten the CCP

The US military plane landed in Taiwan again, and Taiwan handled it in a low-key manner. The serious consequence of the Chinese threat is the wolf coming?

Another U.S. military plane suddenly landed at Taiwan’s Songshan Airport. It is said to have delivered something to the American Institute in Taiwan. It only stayed at the airport for 30 minutes and then took off. This is an administrative plane, which can also be used for special forces operations.

Songshan Airport is dual-purpose for both military and civilian purposes. It is both a medium-sized international airport and an air force airport. However, this time the Taiwan Air Force stated that they are not responsible for it, and it is obviously not a military cooperation project. Of course, it is an obvious excuse to say that it is sending things to the Association in Taiwan. Is there something that must be sent from Okinawa to Taiwan by special plane? I think it is more political expression.

The last time the three U.S. congressmen boarded the C17 large military aircraft was a breakthrough. The second time it happened, the meaning was different. The two meanings would have more at one time. (The first atomic bomb means I have it. Two stars mean I have more, how much more? You can figure it out by yourself), the second one is psychologically destroying Japan’s determination to resist).

The other I think is a desensitization therapy, repeated stimulation in small doses, and finally let the CCP take it for granted. The CCP is now more sensitive to everything and needs this kind of treatment.

The Chinese Communist Party is the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense. Wu Qian said, “We are seriously concerned about this. Any foreign military aircraft must obtain permission from the government of the People’s Republic of China to land on our territory. Any foreign warship or aircraft intruding into our airspace will trigger Serious consequences”. (When have all these years been approved by the CCP?)

Wu Qian said that we are telling the US not to play with fire, immediately stop taking risks and provocative actions, not to send false signals to the separatist forces in Taiwan independence, and to avoid aggravating dangerous tensions in the Taiwan Strait. (If you talk too much, the wolf is coming, but it is true to say that it is provocative. The United States certainly has no intention of encouraging Taiwan independence, but it is still necessary to provoke the CCP)

Japan’s attitude towards the CCP has changed drastically

The biggest change in the post-war situation in East Asia, I think, is Japan’s attitude. On the one hand, it finally regarded the CCP as a threat. After the war, all the Japanese governments were afraid of the CCP and pleased the CCP, but they did not expect to be taken the lead by the U.S. diplomacy. Japan Immediately established diplomatic relations with the CCP that year, and regained a round in front of the United States, which did not establish diplomatic relations until 1979.

I have always heard propaganda in the mainland that Japan is very unfriendly (even without considering the historical invasion of China) and always causes trouble. Later, I learned that Japan was simply obedient to the CCP. After June 4th, the United States quickly sent people to blend with the CCP. In the beginning, there was no plan and did not participate in any sanctions.

However, it is this Japan that, together with the United States, brought Taiwan’s security into U.S.-Japan relations. The earliest sign is the joint statement on Yoshihide Suga’s visit to the U.S. in April this year. The U.S.-Japan joint statement again talked about Taiwan after 52 years in 1969. This is the United States. For the first time since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Chinese Communist Party, although they did not directly make a security commitment to Taiwan, they once again emphasized the “importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

On June 24, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said in an interview with Bloomberg, “Taiwan is only 110 kilometers away from Yonaguni Island, the westernmost island of Japan, and it is an island very close to us. I think Taiwan’s peace and stability are directly related to Japan. “Deputy Minister of Defense Yasuhide Nakayama even used English: “Democracies such as Japan and the United States must be’awakened’ to protect Taiwan as a’democracy’​.”

Japanese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Taro Aso stated that if Taiwan is violated by China, it will be determined that the right of collective self-defense can be directly applied in accordance with relevant Japanese laws. “

To some extent, Japan seems to be facing the most significant historical transition in half a century. That is, when the U.S. turns to the CCP as its main opponent, it is likely to choose to stand on the side of the U.S., which was almost a few years ago. Incredible.

The performance of the CCP is the main reason. There are no moral factors and no human rights factors in Japan’s China strategy. It will only do so when Japan has experienced the crisis firsthand. The CCP’s overall strategy for Hong Kong, Taiwan, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea has made Japan truly feel threatened. This is what it means. Japan and Taiwan belong to the first island chain. The CCP’s military threat to Taiwan is real. If Taiwan falls, Japan must face it directly. In fact, Japan also knows the CCP best in Western countries.

Hei Minggui supports the Cuban Communist regime

Last time we discussed the Cuban protests, two follow-up incidents are worthy of attention. The US government DHS does not welcome Cubans to flee to the United States. Hei Minggui issued a statement against the United States and supports the Cuban communist regime. Texas Senator Cruz said that Cuban refugees belong to the US government. The only political refugees who refused, and illegal immigration at the Texas border soared, and the socialists in Congress refused to condemn the Cuban socialist regime.

As for the Hei Minggui Movement, I have always believed that it belongs to a part of the communist movement, that is, using race struggle as a manifestation of class struggle to carry out the revolution, and its founders are communists. So it is not surprising to make this statement. They do not agree with American values ​​and agree with the tyranny of communism. Once their goals are achieved, the United States will be the next Venezuela and Cuba.

Election integrity

Let’s talk about the ongoing issues related to election integrity.

Last message:

Texas legislators fled collectively

I think the angle of analysis of the collective escape of congressmen should be based on whether the opposition given by the Democratic Party is reasonable, so that the persuasiveness is stronger.

The general controversy is that the Republican Party of the state legislature must pass an election law to restore election integrity. In fact, it is common sense, including voter identity verification, while the Democratic Party emphasizes that it encourages convenient voting and does not allow voter identity verification, as well as voting deadlines and voter requirements. Such as residents of this state.

Where is the problem this time? Parliament is a place for expressing opinions and debates. Democrats have no reason to express their views in this forum of parliament. Instead, they chose to run away. This is a question of democratic procedures. If one’s own side estimates that it cannot win, then boycott it, and there will be no democracy in this world. Perhaps this is the ill of democracy.

They went to Washington DC, stayed in a hotel, and tried to act as lobbyists, demanding federal intervention in Texas’ electoral legislation. The state legislature is responsible for elections. This is a constitutional power to prevent excessive federal power. In fact, HR1, which is now blocked in the Senate, is for this purpose, restricting the state’s constitutional power. They met with He Jinli, who compared them to black heroes fighting for voting rights.

Arizona Senate Hearing

Today, the Arizona Senate heard the audit results. Senate Chairman Karen Fann, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Doug Rogan Cyber ​​Ninja CEO Ken Bennett, Senate Audit Liaison Officer Ben Cotton received the materials, process, chain of guardianship, very professional, and some of the materials still have not been handed over to the auditors. Although there were orders from the Senate and the court, which made the audit difficult to complete, they listed the required list and the ones that were not received. This is also the purpose of the hearing to let the public know who is obstructing the audit work. Now is the time for the public to put pressure on it.

In terms of figures, the Secretary of State stated that because the machine was moved by the auditors, it could no longer be used in future elections. The machine could not be used anymore, but not because of the audit. The auditor kept all procedural evidence to prove that it had not been moved, but because There was no normal adjustment and certification before the election. The router is not handed over.

This is not to announce the audit results, but to announce the process and existing problems to the public. This is a manifestation of the democratic process. We have seen the auditors in the entire process, from the Senate to the audit company, from the audit process and reporting to the public at any time (not the content) The process is very transparent. Of course, there is a lot of resistance to the process. This is why new problems continue to appear, the process is longer than expected, and more new problems are raised than old problems are solved.

But this is necessary. It has nothing to do with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, but the confidence in American democracy and the confidence in the electoral system.

Some details disclosed this time: The 74,000 recovered mailed ballots were not found in the corresponding records issued.

Fulton County, Georgia Ballot

Tucker Carlson discussed the vote issue in Fulton County, Georgia, on the program. China Post has begun to accuse tucker Carlson of unsubstantiated accusations. This has been repeated many times. I think Georgia should have an audit similar to Arizona. .

Pennsylvanians asked not to investigate

Penn State Anthony Shaffer is a former Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel. He is famous for claiming that intelligence was not handled properly before 9-11. This personal investigation into the Penn State election resulted in a phone call from the then Attorney General Barr, asking him not to Investigate the Pennsylvania election.

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