“Yongjin hyung, thank you for reading the mind of the employee” E-mart union angry

E-Mart’s labor union responded with thanks to Jung Yong-jin, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, for an apology.

On the 14th, the Korea Federation of Trade Unions’ National E-Mart Labor Union welcomed Yongjin-hyung’s apology! Now, let’s make a good company together!’ He issued a statement titled, “I would like to express my gratitude to Vice Chairman Chung’s apology for reading the minds of the union and employees.”

The union said, “Our members of E-Mart and Shinsegae are proud of their work as members of a famous distribution company that provides good products to the people at reasonable prices. said

“In this difficult and unsettling era due to COVID-19, let’s work together to provide good products and a safe and comfortable shopping space to the people, so that management can bring joy and a smile to the people,” he said. .

In addition, “Our national E-Mart labor union and its employees will not be shaken by the sudden change in the shopping environment and will try to do the right business through constructive criticism and checks,” he added.

Earlier, the E-Mart union condemned Vice Chairman Chung’s Instagram post after the controversy over ‘Destruction’, saying, “You are free to say what you want, but you must consider the impact that it will have on tens of thousands of Shinsegae and E-Mart employees and their families.” did.

In response, Vice Chairman Chung posted on Instagram on the 13th and bowed his head, saying, “If even one of my colleagues and customers turns away because of me, nothing loses its legitimacy.” .

Park Tae-geun, reporter for


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