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Mid-term elections tomorrow… Pre-marriage polls show Republican dominance


The mid-term elections in the United States, which will mark the mid-term report card of the Biden administration, start tomorrow evening local time.

With the economy emerging as the biggest issue, Republicans dominate the House of Representatives, and the Senate is in a close battle.

The last poll before the election showed a pre-marital pattern.

This is Reporter Lee Kyung-hee in Washington DC.


Last weekend, President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama waged an all-out campaign to appeal for one vote in Pennsylvania, one of the most contested Senate elections.

This region is a traditional contest, where President Biden won the last presidential election by only 0.7 percentage points over former President Trump.

Once again, Democratic candidate John Peterman and Republican candidate Memett Oz are in a close battle.

“Gentlemen, I have never been so optimistic about the outlook for the United States. I am truly optimistic. There is no disruption in Pennsylvania. There is no disruption in the United States.”

On the same day, former President Donald Trump also held a rally in Pennsylvania.

In addition to Pennsylvania, four states, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, are chosen by foreign media as super-glacial regions where it is difficult to predict the result, and as a key region to change the result of the Senate.

Recently, as Republican candidates have been on the rise in this area as well, there are speculations that the Senate, following the House of Representatives, is also leaning towards the Republican Party, and the sense of crisis is growing from the Democrats’ point of view. sight

“President Biden is really concerned about the country and the people, and I think that’s the right direction.”

“No. I don’t think it’s going the right way. I’m hoping for a new party to come in and I think it will. Only then can America succeed.”

On the other hand, the public opinion poll, released a day before the voting, showed a disorganized attitude until the last minute.

According to the results of the polls released by the Washington Post, ABC and NBC on the 6th, when asked which party they would vote for, the answers chosen by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were almost the same.

The Washington Post interpreted it as Republican dominance, saying, “If you look at cases in the past, the Democrats had to have a clear lead to win,” while NBC noted that the active voting base of the Democrats had increased.

This is Kyunghee Lee from Yonhap News TV in Washington.

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