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18,000 confirmed cases… Start of the enhanced vaccination schedule


Yesterday (6th), the number of new corona patients reached 18,000, increasing slightly compared to a week ago, continuing a moderate increase.

Starting today, adults 18 and older will receive the modified Moderna and Pfizer vaccine by appointment.

Reporter Kim Min-hye.


There were 18,671 confirmed cases of Corona in one day yesterday.

As of Monday’s announcement, the increase continues for the fourth week in a row, with about 160 more than a week ago and 4,000 more than two weeks ago.

18 people died from Corona, and 365 were kept in hospital in serious cases.

The number of seriously ill patients rose to a level of 300 on the 4th and continues to rise, raising concerns about affecting the mortality index.

In the atmosphere where the possibility of a winter revival is becoming a reality, the improved vaccine order based on BA.1 has started today.

For adults over 18 years of age who applied since the 27th of the previous month, following the enhanced moderna vaccine available on the same day of the date of application, the enhanced Pfizer vaccine can also be administered on the same day using residual vaccines from today onwards. .

The Pfizer vaccine, which is based on the latest BA.4/5 epidemic, will start vaccinating on the 14th, a week later.

Currently, 17.3 million doses of the improved vaccine have been delivered, including 7.21 million doses of the bivalent Moderna vaccine.

In line with the Omicron outbreak, the quarantine authorities are recommending a better bivalent vaccine rather than the current vaccine, but if you don’t want a vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna, recombinant vaccines such as Novavax are also available.

As of 00:00 on the 4th, the winter booster vaccination rate was 2.8% compared to subjects, and only 0.2% for adults under 60 years of age.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Min-hye. (makereal@yna.co.kr)

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