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President’s office, Lee Sang-min’s hardline theory… “I resigned after 8 months on the Sewol ferry”



The opposition parties strongly demanded a reprimand for those responsible for the Itaewon disaster in the presidential office audit.

Chief of Staff Kim Dae-gi drew a line that now is not the time.

By Joon-hyuk Bang.


Chief of Staff Kim Dae-gi reaffirmed the position that ‘deciding the case is the priority’ in response to the demands of Public Administration and Security Minister Lee Sang-min and others.

He said that none of the president’s staff or ministers expressed their resignation, nor did they make any suggestion to the president.

He also added that it is time to focus on handling the accident, but a vacancy is inevitable if there is a change of personnel.

They drew attention to the fact that the request for a reprimand was going backwards, and compared it to the Sewol ferry disaster.

<김대기 / 대통령 비서실장> “Change the minister every time an incident happens, change the principal. I see this a while ago. In the case of the Sewol ferry (the Minister for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries),[y Gweinidog Materion Morwrol a Physgodfeydd]he took control of the situation and resigned eight months later…”

Director Kim also refuted the theory of responsibility in the office of the presidency.

In response to a question from the opposition about why they had not taken measures in advance, they did not report the scene, but they also disagreed with the police response, stating how to respond.

<김대기 / 대통령 비서실장> “If you report it here from Yongsan-seo, we’ll do whatever it takes. If only traffic was controlled, the children wouldn’t die like that.”

The presidential office also rejected criticism that the cause of the disaster was that the police were wasted on guarding the official residence in Hannam-dong, saying, “If you look at the total number of security personnel, it is similar to the police. in the present Blue House.”

Director Kim explained that the legal term is used neutrally to indicate why the Itaewon disaster was identified as an accident.

This is Yonhap News TV, Bang Joon-hyuk. ( bang@yna.co.kr )

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