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The typhoon is evading, but ‘steamed’… National heatwave warning ‘Seoul 35 degrees’


As Typhoon No. 4 ‘Airy’ turns toward Kyushu, Japan, Korea will not be directly affected.

Instead, as the heat from the typhoon flows in, heatwaves and tropical nights will prevail until the middle of the week.

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By Kim Jae-hoon.


Typhoon No. 4 ‘Airy’ is heading for Japan.

Typhoon Airi is currently passing through the sea about 340 km northwest of Okinawa, Japan.

It is expected to land in Kyushu, Japan between tomorrow morning.

Accordingly, the inland of Korea will not be directly affected by typhoons.

However, there will be strong waves centered on the distant southern seas of Jeju and the southern seas.

As the typhoon deflected to Japan, the rain and wind were avoided, but the sweltering heat came instead.

As the heat of the typhoon flows into the Korean Peninsula, the heat wave and tropical nights are getting worse.

A heat wave warning is in effect for most of the country, including Seoul.

Today’s high temperature will rise to 35 degrees in Seoul and Daegu and 34 degrees in Daejeon.

In particular, due to the high humidity, the perceived heat will be severe, and the heat will not cool down easily at night, so tropical nights will appear everywhere.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that over the next three days, a heat wave with the sensible temperature soaring to around 35 degrees will continue in most parts of the country.

The heat wave is expected to subside as a monsoon rain falls on Thursday.

Due to the heat wave and tropical nights that started earlier than usual, the number of people with heat illness is increasing rapidly.

It is necessary to pay special attention to health management, such as reducing excessive outdoor activities during the daytime and drinking water frequently.

So far, it has been reported by the press.

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