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Put up a temporary wall in the Q&A space on the way to work for the President… “For security reasons”

While a temporary wall is being installed in the lobby on the first floor of the Presidential Office Building, where questions and answers on the way to work by President Yoon Seok-yeol are being held, the Office of the President explained that it is for “safety and security reasons.”

An official from the presidential office said that there is an opinion that the first floor area is completely open to reporters and that it is not desirable because it is open to private schedules like diplomatic areas.

However, the president’s office said the installation of the wall had nothing to do with the president’s questions and answers on his way to work.

When asked if the official had anything to do with the war of words that took place between the MBC reporter and the presidential staff last Friday, the official said, “There is no direct connection,” but at the time, he said, “I am looking at the unpleasant things seriously.”

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