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Jeong Jin-sang’s email hit… Expediting investigation targeting Lee Jae-myung



The prosecutors seized and searched the Gyeonggi Provincial Office, where Jeong Jin-ganu, head of the political affairs coordination office at the representative office of the Democratic Party, worked during the provincial governor Lee Jae-myeong.

Analysts say the circumstance targeting Lee is being narrowed using the investigation of his aides.

This is reporter Jang Hyo-in.


The prosecution’s investigation into Lee Jae-myung’s closest aides continues day after day.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office seized and searched the Gyeonggi Provincial Office where Jeong Jin-sang, head of the political affairs coordination office at the party’s representative office, worked during the days of Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, and secured records of email exchanges with employees.

From 2013 to the year before last, Jung was arrested on charges of providing a business facility to the ‘Daejang-dong gang’ and taking 140 million won in money and goods.

Analysts say the prosecution went all the way to the bottom of Lee’s chin while speeding up the process of securing evidence following the arrest of his accomplices.

Previously, attorney Nam Wook, a private businessman in Daejang-dong, said, “I heard from Man-bae Kim that the share in Cheonhwa-dong No. 1 is a share in Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung’s office,” and “I gave Lee at least 400 million won before the 2014 mayoral re-election.” open

Attorney Nam said, “The purpose of telling the facts in court is to take legal responsibility if it is false.” He said it was just that.

There is a possibility that Mr. Kim Man-bae, who is about to end up being arrested, may also join the disclosure, and some notice that the Daejang-dong gang is trying to cooperate with the investigation and lower the level of punishment

An officer from the prosecution said that it is not possible to get a ‘sentence deal’ and that the prosecution does not decide on the sentence.

Prosecutors said it was inevitable to check whether Lee was aware of this, as he believed that Chief Chung and Vice President Kim Yong of the Democracy Institute had privatized Lee’s local autonomy power and colluded with private contractors.

However, at this time, regarding Lee’s direct investigation, he expressed a cautious stance, saying, “It does not mean that another investigation target is needed.”

Meanwhile, after two days of arrest, Chief Chung asked for a court review again for legality, and if accepted, it is worth noting that it could affect the investigation.

This is Jang Hyo-in from Yonhap News TV. ([email protected])

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