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Turn on the lamp during a power outage and take action… Fighting in the darkness of Ukraine


Russia launched a massive missile attack on power facilities on Wednesday, causing power outages across Ukraine.

The images of Ukrainians struggling to survive in the dark have been revealed.

This is Reporter Lee Bong-seok.


The operation is carried out in the dark, relying on a headlamp.

It’s because the power went out while doctors were performing breast surgery on a child.

“Surgery in progress with artificial blood flow. Power outage. Surgeon operating with headlamp on. Valve?”

Even the water supply was cut off due to power cuts, and Ukrainians had to wait in line for water.

“I’m trying to get drinking water for the next few days. No water from the tap since last night.”

Russia fired 70 missiles on Wednesday, targeting power facilities in Ukraine as it heads into winter.

As a result, four nuclear power plants in Ukraine, which rely on nuclear power for most of their electricity, shut down for the first time simultaneously, causing power cuts across the country.

Even in satellite images released by NASA, unlike other European countries, only Ukraine was captured as a dark place.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that infrastructure is being restored, but many areas are still struggling.

“Recovery work continues throughout the day. Electricity, heat, water supply and communication are gradually being restored.”

Russia has admitted that the attack on infrastructure was intended to prevent Ukraine from resisting and force it to come to the negotiating table, while Ukraine condemns it as a war crime.

This is Lee Bong-seok from Yonhap News.

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