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[여의도풍향계] At the end of the year, a ‘government investigation’ unfolds… “Truth, not contention”


The government’s investigation plan to discover the truth of the ‘Itaewon disaster’ has crossed the threshold of the full session of the National Assembly.

It is the result of finding a compromise between the ruling and opposition parties, but the future process does not seem to be a smooth one.

Attention is focused on whether it will be possible to identify a significant truth and measures to prevent it from happening again.

Reporter Choi Ji-sook drew attention this week to the weather vane in Yeouido.


About a month has passed since the Itaewon disaster that took away the life of a flower.

One by one, it is revealed that this unforgettable and unforgettable disaster was not just an accident.

This is why, apart from the investigation, the national voice that demands a parliamentary investigation into the affairs of the state has risen.

The families of the victims held their first official press conference on the 22nd.

The shoulders of the children who still seemed to open the door and say, “I’ve been there,” and the members of the grieving family who held the portraits in their arms trembled endlessly.

The bereaved family cried, ‘Can I stand aside and not even if it was my child’s business?’ and demanded a sincere apology, finding the truth and measures to commemorate the victims.

Amidst this, the discussion on the National Assembly level investigation was also on track.

The power of the people turned from the original position of ‘I will review after watching the results of the investigation’, and decided to participate in the parliamentary investigation after processing next year’s budget bill.

The Democratic Party also agreed to this, and a blitz agreement was reached between the ruling and opposition parties, and with 220 votes in favor at the plenary meeting on the 24th, the plan for a parliamentary investigation into the Itaewon disaster was passed. threshold of the National Service.

“With 220 votes in favor, 13 against, and 21 abstentions, I declare that the issue of approving the government’s investigation plan to discover the truth of the Yongsan Itaewon disaster and prevent a recurrence has been passed.”

The Special Committee on State Affairs Investigation was chaired by Representative Woo Sang-ho of the Democratic Party of Korea, and consisted of 18 people, including 7 People’s Power, 9 members of the Democratic Party, and 2 non-members in opposition, and raised an anchor.

“Leave aside the issue of which party benefits or loses… Become a government investigation that fully realizes the people’s requests and creates alternatives…”

After a long tug-of-war, the opposition and opposition parties, who were in conflict on all issues, reached an agreement through a long-awaited ‘political compromise’.

Now let’s take a closer look at the content of the agreement.

The period for the activities of the special committee on the investigation of the government is 45 days from the 24th of last year until the 7th of January next year.

It was shortened from the 60 days originally claimed by the opposition, but it was allowed to be extended by a decision in the plenary meeting.

While next year’s budget bill is being reviewed, we plan to go through preliminary investigations, and immediately after the budget bill is processed, we plan to report to agencies, conduct on-site investigations, and hold hearings seriously.

The subjects of the investigation, which caused the greatest disagreement between the ruling and the opposition parties, included the Office of the President, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and the Office of the Supreme Prosecutor.

However, the question of whether or not to include the bayonet continued to vex until the last minute.

The power of the people put the brakes on the day after the treaty was written, demanding the exclusion of the great sword.

‘Isn’t there a connection with the disaster’, disagreement arose within the party, and as a result, it was finally agreed that the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office would only target the department dedicated to drug investigations after coordination between the leadership of the hospital. .

“The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office is not satisfied with making drug-related inquiries only to the drug investigation department, but we have reached an agreement.”

However, some members of the People’s Power, including Congressman Jang Je-won, also voted against it in the plenary.

On the other hand, this plan attracted attention by including the content that ‘government agencies, organizations or individuals cannot refuse to submit data or refuse to comply with the investigation for investigative reasons’ in order to prevent ‘interference with the state’.

The agreement also included the formation of an advisory body to discuss the revision of the Government Organization Act and a promotional group for ordinary presidential election promises.

As the ruling party, they took the practicality of solving the uncertainty of the budget bill process, and as the opposition, they all took the case of avoiding ‘half’ of the investigation of state affairs.

However, it does not seem easy to be sure that he will be able to cruise by focusing on ‘finding the truth, not a political dispute’ as stated.

In the government’s investigation plan, a number of the causes of this disaster were identified in detail.

Although many people were expected to gather in Itaewon, there was no security management plan, there was no immediate response to citizens’ requests for rescue, and the initial report and response system did not work.

In the end, the key is where the responsibility for these problems lies, and there is a big difference of opinion here.

The people’s power has mainly criticized the frontline responsibilities, such as Yongsan Police Station,

“Members of the special committee (investigation into the Itaewon accident) strongly pointed out that the security department of Yongsan Police Station had not requested riot police from the Seoul Metropolitan Government.”

The Democratic Party highlights the responsibility of Yoon Seok-yeol’s government, including the replacement of Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min.

“If you sincerely want to find out the truth about the Itaewon disaster, the order is to remove Minister Lee Sang-min from his post, rather than just shouting for a thorough investigation.”

Depending on each other’s interests, this is the part where nervous warfare can occur from the witness adoption stage.

It is expected that the government’s investigation will be held in about a month after the budget bill has been processed.

As a result, there is a possibility that the battle between the opposition party, which demands an extension to the period, and the ruling party which opposes it, saying that an adequate investigation is needed, will happen again.

Some of the bereaved families are concerned that the government’s investigation into the Itaewon disaster could end in vain, after it was used as a tool for negotiations.

Indian political leader Nehru defined the essence of politics as ‘drying the tears of the people’.

Even in our Korean dictionary, as one of the definitions of politics, ‘the role of helping people lead humane lives and correcting social order’ is clearly stated.

Herein lies the essence of a government inquiry conducted after six years that should not be forgotten.

So far, he has been a weathercock in Yeouido.

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Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: Kakao Talk/Line jebo23


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