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Seoul Tram revived after 57 years… Wirye Line main construction begins

The Wirye Line Urban Railway, attracting attention as the revival of streetcars that have faded into the dark side of history, will enter main construction this month.

The Wirye Line, scheduled to open in September 2025, will connect a total of 5.4km by tram from Macheon Station on Line 5 to Bokjeong Station and Namwirye Station on Line 8, with a total of 12 stops including 3 transfer stations.

Trams were first introduced to Seoul in 1899 and operated until 1968, and the opening of the Wirye Line will revive streetcars in Seoul for the first time in 57 years, the city of Seoul said.

The city of Seoul said, “It is expected that the introduction of the tram, a new environmentally friendly mode of transportation, will greatly contribute to relieving the inconvenience of public transportation and revitalizing the local economy in Wirye New Town.”

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