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Semi-autonomous driving, gunshot detection… Korean unmanned military vehicles show their performance


A multipurpose unmanned military vehicle developed with our technology demonstrated its performance at the USFK base.

It can also detect gunshots and support close combat.

It attracts attention as a future force that can be put into dangerous enemy lines instead of soldiers.

This is Reporter Shin Hyun-jung.


The soldiers load several packs of equipment with the supplies they need and head to their destination.

The wounded soldier was moved to a safe place, and when the sound of gunfire was heard,


Immediately turn the nose in the direction of the sound.

It also has a function to return to the starting point on its own when remote communication is cut off in rough terrain such as mountainous areas.

By using artificial intelligence technology, it can recognize objects and people, so it can easily avoid obstacles.

It is a multipurpose unmanned vehicle, ‘Arionsmet’, similar in size to a small passenger car, but capable of supporting everything from cargo to close combat.

The name is an English abbreviation of ‘small versatile unmanned vehicle that can drive independently in the wild’.

It can carry up to 550 kg and travel 100 km on a single charge.

As it can perform various roles on the battlefield, it can reduce human damage to soldiers.

Arionsmet is the first time a domestic defense company has demonstrated the performance of a weapons system against the USFK.

The US military’s interest in K-defense technology was so hot that major commanders watched the demonstration firsthand.

“The US military is talking about autonomous maneuvering of our vehicle and autonomous driving in the wild. The remote driving and combined manned/unmanned functions seem to be good. We are trying to introduce it .”

In fact, the US military is considering introducing an autonomous tunnel exploration robot developed by the Defense Science Research Institute at Camp Stanley in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, and is known to be considering whether to operate it together with Arionsmet.

This is Yonhap News TV Shin Hyun-jung. [email protected]

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