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[날씨] A severe cold snap on the way to work for the first time in December… 5cm of snow on the west coast

Before December, the days get very cold.

As the cold continental high pressure expands, strong cold pushes in.

The Korean Peninsula is frozen solid.

Over the course of a day, the clothes of people walking down the street have also changed to mid-winter.

On the second day, while cold wave warnings are in effect in most of the country, tomorrow will be colder than today.

The minimum temperature in Seoul will drop to minus 9 degrees Celsius and in Daegwallyeong to minus 14 degrees.

The feeling of chill in the cold wind can be much worse.

Temperatures during the day will not rise too much.

Tomorrow’s maximum temperature is expected to be minus 1 degree in Seoul, 2 degrees in Chuncheon, and 1 degree in Cheongju.

In other areas, the temperature only goes up to 1 degree in Goyang and 3 degrees in Andong, so there are many places where the temperature feels below zero.

The atmosphere is very dry around the metropolitan area and the east coast.

The dry warning has been extended.

As there is a high risk of woodland spreading in cold winds, you must inspect your surroundings thoroughly.

The wind is blowing strongly and the waves are high at sea.

A wind warning or wind warning is in effect for most of the sea.

Until the end of the week, it would be better to dress much stronger than usual and be careful not to catch a cold.

The maeseoun hanpa is a sight that will be able to take a look at the weekend.

I gave you the weather.

(Kim Ha-yoon weather caster)

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