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Delivered to 765 business start orders… Rail union strike countdown


The cargo union’s refusal to ship has reached its 8th day, but the conflict with the government continues.

The government is speeding up enforcement of the business start-up order and continuing the pressure.

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Reporter Paeng Jae-yong.


Yes, the government announced that they had secured a list of 765 truck owners who had refused to transport cement by this morning and had ordered them to start business.

It accounts for 30.6% of the total of 2,500 people subject to the order to start a business.

After sending an order to 440 people yesterday afternoon, it seems to be accelerating even more.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said that transport companies are cooperating with the order to start operations, and that nine companies that refused transport have resumed transport.

Cement shipments also increased, adding that 45,000 tonnes were shipped yesterday, more than twice as much as the day before yesterday.

The government is reviewing the expansion of the business start-up order to the oil refining industry following cement.

As of 8:00 am today, the number of gas stations out of oil increased by 10 in one day to 33, and by region, 27 are in the metropolitan area and 6 in the non-metropolitan area.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held a working level meeting with oil refineries this afternoon to review the legal requirements and precautions necessary for issuing the order.


Let’s also look at the rail situation, another axis of freight.

The rail union strike has entered the countdown How is the bargaining situation at the moment?


Yes, Korea Railroad Corporation and KORAIL labor and management are conducting last-minute adjustments at the Central Labor Relations Commission of the Ministry of Employment and Labor starting this morning.

After that, we go into negotiations.

There is a tug-of-war between labor and management over issues such as pay rises and improving the promotion system.

If no point of contact can be found in today’s negotiations, the National Railway Workers Union is due to go on general strike from tomorrow.

In fact, if there is a strike, it is inevitable to reduce the operation of passenger and freight trains such as KTX and Saemaeul.

Even if new personnel are installed in an emergency, the operation of passenger trains is expected to drop to 60-70% of normal.

Lands, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Won Hee-ryong personally conducted a safety inspection in preparation for a strike by the rail union this morning.

Minister Won said, “I am concerned that the rail union strike will cause significant inconvenience to citizens’ commuting and daily lives.”

So far, it has been reported by the press office. (Reporter Paeng Jae-yong [email protected])

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