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After a clash between the opposition parties and the opposition parties, the plenary meeting was cancelled… Hey, there’s a snag in dealing with the motion to dismiss Lee Sang-min.



Ultimately, the plenary meeting that was to be held today (the 1st), a day before the legal deadline for dealing with next year’s budget bill, was cancelled.

As a result, the report on the motion to dismiss Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min, proposed by the Democratic Party, could not be made.

It appears that the budget bill will eventually pass the statutory deadline.

This is Reporter Kim Bo-yoon.


Leaders of the ruling floor and the opposition parties under the presidency of National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo met a day before the deadline for handling next year’s budget bill and discussed whether to open a plenary session, but failed to reach an agreement.

The power of the people demanded that the full meeting should not be held, saying that there was no agenda to deal with on this day and no agenda was reached.

If you think about it this way, in fact, the Democratic Party is a place to report on the proposal to dismiss the Minister of Public Administration and Security, Lee Sang-min, and cannot agree.

“We must do our best to handle the budget bill, but if we hold a plenary today with such a political agenda, it will inevitably be lame…”

However, the Democratic Party refuted that there is no agenda to deal with because the people’s power did not raise the bill deliberately, and that the plenary meeting could be held without an agenda.

“In the past, even if there was no agenda in the plenary, if it was a plenary session that had already been arranged, we would pay attention to it, listen to the agenda, and make comments.”

The Democratic Party demanded that a plenary meeting be held under the authority of the speaker of the National Assembly, but Chairman Kim Jin-pyo did not hold a plenary session, saying that it was up to the ruling and the opposition parties to agree on it.

He repeatedly urged the Democratic Party to hold a plenary meeting scheduled for the 2nd, but a red light was turned on in the plan to handle the motion to dismiss Minister Lee.

According to the National Assembly Act, the motion to dismiss must be voted on within 72 hours of the report in the plenary meeting, because there is no possibility that the ruling party will agree to the plenary meeting to vote on the motion to dismiss.

As a result, it seems inevitable that the Democratic Party’s plan to process the impeachment motion this week and push for the impeachment motion of Minister Lee Sang-min next week if President Seok-Yeol Yoon does not accept it .

In the middle of the conflict between the opposition parties, it became unclear whether next year’s budget bill would be processed not only within the statutory deadline but also until the 9th, the last day of the normal National Assembly.

The opposition parties and the opposition parties decided to try to reduce the difference of opinion on the budgets for which the review of reductions was suspended until 2:00 pm on the last day of the statutory deadline, but there is hope that it is difficult to expect progress. .

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Bo-yoon. (hellokby@yna.co.kr)

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