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Suh Hoon, the former head of the National Security Bureau, was arrested… Speeding up the higher level investigation


Seo Hoon, the former head of the National Security Office of the Blue House, who was in charge of the security line at the time of the attack on the West Sea public official, was arrested.

The court ruled that there was a “danger of destroying evidence”.

Let’s contact the press office to hear more details.

material reporter.


Seo Hoon, the former head of the National Security Bureau, which is at the heart of the West Sea attack on civil servants who had defected to North Korea, has been arrested.

The Seoul Central District Court explained the reason for issuing the warrant, saying, “Given the seriousness of the case, there is a risk of destroying evidence.”

Seo’s former boss is suspected of having quickly concluded that Lee Dae-joon, a public official from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries who died, had “voluntarily defied North Korea” and ordered related ministries to delete intelligence that contradicted him.

Considering the seriousness of the matter, this decision required an inquiry of around 10 hours and a review of 9 hours, the longest ever.

Now, the blade of the prosecution is pointed at former President Moon Jae-in.

Previously, former President Moon said he was the one in charge who received the report at the time and gave instructions.

The prosecution is struggling with how to respond to the defense’s logic that it is a policy decision made in a situation where the information is insufficient and not subject to judicial review.

Even if there is a mistake, it is a mistake made in limited knowledge, not a deliberate ‘Wolbuk drive’.

Another matter is whether it is possible to judge the ‘act of governance’, which is recognized as very optional, according to the judicial standard by revealing that former President Moon ordered it directly.

Attention is focused on how far the blade of prosecution aimed at the last government will extend.

So far, it has been reported by the news agency. ([email protected])

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