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[날씨] Today’s cold wave is slowing, central snow until during the day… Heavy rain again tomorrow

Today, this weekend, it will rain and snow in various places with cloudy skies.

If you look at the radar screen, a cloud belt has developed around the center, and it’s raining and snowing everywhere.

Up to 5 cm of snow will accumulate in northern Gyeonggi, inland and mountainous regions of Gangwon, and 1 to 3 cm in other central regions by noon today.

From night to tomorrow morning, it will rain a little in Jeonnam, Gyeongnam, and Jeju.

As cold as it is, rain or snow can freeze the road.

If you’re planning an outdoor activity like hiking on the weekend, pay special attention to safety hazards.

For the last few days, the fierce cold has frozen the whole country.

Today is the weekend, so you can ease your worries about the cold.

A warm southwest wind blew in, and today’s lowest temperature in Seoul was -0.2 degrees, about 7 degrees higher than yesterday.

The temperature during the day will also recover to the level at this time of the year which is 8 degrees.

The maximum temperature during the day will rise to 8 degrees in Seoul, 11 degrees in Daegu, and 13 degrees in Busan.

7 degrees in Andong, 12 degrees in Pohang and Changwon, and 3 to 5 degrees higher than yesterday, the air that touches the skin will become much softer.

However, the temperature plunged again overnight, and tomorrow morning in Seoul, the temperature will drop to minus 8 degrees, and it will stay at 0 degrees during the day and it will be cold again.

You should take good care of your health as it is easy to lose immunity in fluctuating temperatures.

The heavy rain which resumes tomorrow will continue until the beginning of next week.

The air will become drier on the east coast, where there is no news of precipitation.

Take good care of the fire.

The weather has been reported so far.

(weather caster Jin Yeon-ji)

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