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“Brazil is not a problem”… full of morale



The Korean national football team, challenging for the first time ever in the quarter-finals, has set out to find a winning solution ahead of the round of 16 match against Brazil.

Let’s take a look at the atmosphere on the pitch by connecting reporters on the football team’s training ground.

Reporter Kim Jong-seong, the players of the national team had a good rest yesterday.

How are you feeling today?


Yes, this is the training ground of the Al Egla football team in Doha, Qatar.

A little while ago, the players of our football team had an official training session.

He must have been exhausted after putting all his energy into the match against Portugal, but our players, including captain Son Heung-min, entered the training ground with faces bright

Gradually, our players, who warmed up gently, raised their condition by exchanging the ball with each other.

The morale of the players is high because they have won a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Portugal and have managed to secure a ticket to the round of 16 with confidence.

My body is very tired, but in the case of Brazil, the game was played 4 hours later than us, so I prepared for the round of 16 with a little bit of space in my mind.

Yesterday, our players took a break and Brazil opted for a closed training session, showing a contrast.

As the round of 16 is played three days after the last game of the group stage, it is expected that who will make the body close to normal condition will have a big impact on the game.


A press conference is also scheduled for tonight Korean time Who will attend?


Yes, at 10:15 pm Korean time, the official press conference of our national team will be held at the Main Media Center in Doha, Qatar.

Coach Bento and starting cornerback Kim Jin-soo are scheduled to attend a press conference.

It seems that there will be many questions about what kind of decision our national team will face against Brazil, ‘the candidate for the eternal championship’, and how the key players are in physical condition.

Of greatest interest is the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s participation.

As he was unable to play against Portugal in the last game of the group stage due to calf pain suffered in the first game against Uruguay, great attention is being paid to how much he has improved and whether he can start.

There are many players in Brazil who are fast and have unimaginably good skills, so Min-jae Kim, the ‘Iron Pillar’, is indispensable.

As Kim Min-jae and Kim Yeong-kwon, who are paired in the central defense, felt ill in the match against Portugal and were replaced, we will also check if Kim Young-kwon will participate .

It is known that Hwang Hee-chan, the protagonist of the winning goal against Portugal, felt a slight abnormality in his leg muscles during the game, and attention is focused on what Bento will answer about the condition the physicality of the players.

Before the press conference of our national team, Brazil will hold a press conference at 9:30 pm Korean time, attended by coach Chichi and veteran defender Thiago Silva.


The fact that Brazil has a lot of injuries has been highlighted a lot, but did you hear that Brazilian ace Neymar has started training again?


Yes, Neymar suffered a swollen ankle injury and was diagnosed with ligament damage.

Neymar is expected to train well and compete in the game against us.

The Brazilian Football Association released a video of Neymar’s training scene, which he shot a lot and showed light movements.

At the beginning, there were comments that it would be difficult to play in the game against us, but looking at the current physical condition, it seemed that there was no big problem in terms of playing.

It is known that Gabriel Jesus, who leads Brazil’s attack along with Neymar, and center back Tellis, will not be able to play in the remaining games of the World Cup due to knee injuries.

There are so many talented players in Brazil, so it seems that the vacancy will not be very big.

Brazil is considered the ‘strongest team’, but the situation as physical problems is similar.

Brazil, who gave us 1-5 last June, were beaten 1-0 by Son Heung-min in September, and Cameroon defeated Brazil 1-0 in the final Group G game.

The soccer ball is round, and you have to open the lid to know the result.

We hope that our national team players will be able to achieve their goal of reaching the quarter-finals ever away from home.

This is Yonhap News TV’s Kim Jong-seong on the Qatar national football team training ground. ([email protected])

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