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On the 15th day of the strike, a rally in the city center of the cargo union… Urging the government to “return”


The cargo union general strike is in its 15th year.

The Cargo Solidarity is protesting the government’s harsh response by holding exchange propaganda campaigns throughout downtown Seoul, but the government is still encouraging a return to work by announcing its harsh response policy.

This is reporter Han Chae-hee.


Members of the Cargo Solidarity gathered at the headquarters of the three oil companies in Seoul.

The police block the doors of these companies and guard the front of the union members shouting slogans.

The Korea Cargo Workers Union held a general strike propaganda campaign in front of the headquarters of Hyundai Oilbank, SK Energy, and GS Caltex.

They demanded the abolition of the safe sunset price system and demanded that negotiations continue with management.

“If there is a safety accident, the company is not responsible, but we are responsible. Nevertheless, the company tries to shift the responsibility by wearing a thin shell of being a transport company.”

With the general strike entering its second week, the cargo unions are holding simultaneous rallies across the country to continue the strike force.

Following the construction union, the Service Federation also announced a solidarity strike, raising tensions.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions previously argued that “the level of repression to neutralize the struggle is going too far” and that “the consensus that this should be stopped is expanding.”

The cargo union filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission to withdraw the government’s business start-up order, but it was rejected, and the Seoul Administrative Court filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to cancel the order starting a business.

The government maintains a firm stance that it will take strict action, including administrative disposal, in case of non-compliance with the business start-up order.

In particular, it is a policy to ensure that investigations and punishments are carried out for illegal actions, so the conflict between the government and the government is expected to continue for the time being.

This is Han Chae-hee from Yonhap News TV. ([email protected])

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