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North Korean TV, Son Heung-min’s first address … Korean Round of 16 Recording Broadcast

North Korea’s Chosun Central TV first mentioned Son Heung-min, the captain of the Korean national football team, who played a ‘masked fighting spirit’ in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

JoongAng TV recorded and broadcast Korea’s Round of 16 match against Brazil in Doha, Qatar.

Before the broadcast, Son Heung-min introduced himself as captain number 7, and also sent scenes of shaking hands and talking with the captain of the Brazilian national team, Tiago Silva.

Even in full coverage, Korean players, including Son Heung-min, were presented relatively neutrally without hostile expressions.

JoongAng TV has been recording and broadcasting with the support of broadcast rights on the Korean Peninsula, but has not broadcast games involving Korean teams, and has featured Taegeukgi even in the stands and advertisements for Hyundai Motors.

Reporter Kim Ji-soo [email protected]

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