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Investigation of embezzlement of former Gwangju FC head of’Ki Sung-yong’s father’

It was revealed that Ki Young-ok, the father of the national soccer player Ki Sung-yong, embezzled hundreds of millions of won in operating expenses for the club when he was head of the Gwangju FC during the K-League 2nd Division, Busan I-Park.

The Gwangju City Audit Committee confirmed the fact that, in a specific audit of Gwangju FC, former manager Ki deducted about 300 million won in the budget and returned it, and recently asked the police for an investigation.

In this process, it was revealed that the board of directors had not received a resolution from the board.

Jeon Ki, the father of national midfielder Ki Sung-yong, served as a leader at Kumho High School and Gwangyang Steel High School, and served as a director of the Korea Football Association.

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