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[날씨] 60 cm of heavy snow in Yeongdong, Gangwon… After the snow and rain, it’s cold again

Right now, it’s raining or snowing all over the country.

In particular, although heavy snow warnings are in effect in Gangwon-do and Taebaek, there are places where it is snowing heavily at around 1 to 3 cm per hour.

Gangwon Yeong-dong and Gyeongbuk-dongsanji will continue to snow until the day after tomorrow.

Until the day after tomorrow, snow of up to 60 cm or more is expected in the mountainous areas of Gangwon, and up to 40 cm in Yeongdong, Gangwon.

As the temperature gradually drops, it will snow in the middle of the night.

It will also snow 1 to 3 cm in Seoul.

Most of the inland snow will stop tomorrow.

The snow this time is ‘wet snow’ with water vapour, so it is heavier than usual.

A facility collapses easily, and damage such as individual accidents is a concern.

Pay attention to safety incidents.

The snow and rain clouds will recede and from next week, the cold will return below freezing.

Tomorrow in Seoul, the morning temperature will be 1 degree, and the maximum temperature during the day will be 2 degrees, about 5 degrees lower than today.

The day after tomorrow morning, it will drop to 8 degrees below zero.

At the moment, a storm warning is issued for most of the sea, but the sea waves tomorrow will be very high, up to 4-5M.

Next Thursday, it will rain again in the central and northern regions, including Seoul.

I gave you the weather.

(Caster Minji Kim)

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