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Jang Je-won beats Na Kyung-win every day… “Popular Political Drama”

People’s Power Representative Jang Je-won continued to criticize former Congressman Na Gyeong-won, saying, “The scenario of trying to pretend to be lonely and pretending to be lonely is a popular political novel.”

Rep. Jang said on his SNS that former lawmaker Na is in the media spotlight and has leaked local schedules to temples or cathedrals.

In addition, he sarcastically said that he would expect a tearful declaration of candidacy from the former No lawmaker, who is in vain surrounded by shallow approval ratings and political nerds.

Former pro-Na executive Yoon Seok-yeol previously hit out directly on social media, saying, “I don’t believe you are really about the success of President Yoon Seok-yeol.”

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