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Ukraine: Negotiations for long-range missiles are proceeding apace


Ukraine, which has recently been promised main tank supplies by the West, including the US and Germany, is now turning its attention to long-range missiles and fighter jets.

The Ukrainian side said that negotiations have begun to secure these weapons.

This is reporter Kim Ji-soo.


Ukraine says talks with its allies on long-range missile support are proceeding apace.

Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to the president of Ukraine, said on local television that long-range missiles are needed to destroy Russia’s arsenal to significantly reduce the number of front-line artillery pieces used as a key weapon in Russia.

He said there were more than 100 artillery depots in Crimea, which were occupied in 2014.

Ukrainian President Zelensky also emphasized the need for long-range missiles to preemptively block Russian attacks.

“If we provide our forces with the right missiles, we can stop Russian terrorism. Ukraine needs long-range missiles, specifically, to deprive the Russian occupation forces of the opportunity to deploy missile launchers far from the front lines and destroy Ukrainian cities.”

In particular, he said he needed an American long-range missile with a range of 297 km, called “Atax”.

The United States has so far rejected Ukraine’s request, fearing the possibility of an escalation of war if Ukraine attacked Russia using ‘Atasums’.

Ukraine is also requesting fighter jets from the West.

Ukraine said it was negotiating with the West about fighter jet support, and that the fighter model and the amount of support were being discussed.

Sources, including officials from the US Department of Defense, told US Politico that public opinion to provide F-16 fighter jets is gaining strength in the Pentagon, and that there is optimism within the Ukrainian government.

This is Yonhap News Kim Ji-soo.

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