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[그래픽뉴스] Although the indoor blind was lifted

As the obligation to wear a mask indoors has been lifted from today, it is up to the individual to choose to wear a mask or not.

However, in some places, wearing a mask is still compulsory.

Graphic news today.

2 years and 3 months have passed since the mandatory wearing of a mask was introduced at government level in October 2020.

As mask wearing has been changed from mandatory to ‘recommended’, fines are no longer applied even if you remove your mask in most places such as restaurants, cafes and sports facilities.

However, some remain mask-wearing facilities.

Public transport is typical, including buses, trains, and planes, as well as school buses, chartered buses, and taxis.

The standard for wearing a mask is ‘boards’.

For example, you don’t have to wear a mask on the platform inside a subway station, but you do have to wear a mask from the moment you get on the subway.

Masks are also required in hospitals and pharmacies.

Even here, you need to be aware of the standards.

For example, if a hospital or pharmacy is located in a large mart, you can remove your mask elsewhere in the mart or in the passage, but you must wear a mask in an area designated as a pharmacy.

In addition, if there is a cafe or convenience store in a hospital where wearing a mask is mandatory, you must be careful not to get confused as the duty to wear a mask is also applied in the store.

Additionally, among facilities exposed to infection, the obligation to wear masks has not changed in nursing hospitals, long-term care institutions, and mental health promotion facilities.

Obligations to wear masks do not apply as an exception to private areas of facilities similar to residents, such as hospital rooms or bedrooms.

That was graphic news so far.

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