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Free rides on buses and subways for the elderly in Daegu… “Relevant age concerns”


Daegu City plans to expand the free ride assistance service for the elderly, which was only applied to subways, to buses.

However, there is much opposition to the plan to raise the relevant age for the subway to 70 years.

This is Reporter Jeong Ji-hoon.


Daegu City plans to operate a free service for the elderly in the nation’s first subway and bus service from June.

Currently, subways are free for seniors aged 65 and over, while buses do not have a free service.

Daegu City’s plan is to allow seniors aged 70 and over to ride the bus for free.

“Only some older people who live close to the station area enjoy the benefits of the free transport service, and there is no support for buses which are actually used much more, so only half measures it was.”

It is said that transport support will be extended to buses, which use almost twice as much as subways.

Instead, the plan is to raise the age of free subway rides from the current age of 65 to 70.

As the plan became known, controversy arose.

“I ride 10 times a month to volunteer for the elderly, but I have to ride 20 to 30 times to come and go.

“(Lack of subway) In the end, shouldn’t we go out indirectly with our taxes? I think it’s okay to pay and travel unless you’re a person who is actually very difficult.”

As the controversy rages, Daegu City is also revising a step-by-step application plan to lower the age of free riding for buses starting at age 74 or older by 1 year, and raise the age 1 year for subways. to 70 years or older over 5 years.

In addition, we intend to determine the applicable age by March after gathering views with local elderly associations and councils.

This is Yonhap News TV Jeong Ji-hoon. (daegurain@yna.co.kr)

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