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[지구촌톡톡] From white to gray in 42 years… NASA unveils a new space suit

▶ From white to gray in 42 years… NASA unveils a new space suit

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has unveiled a new spacesuit for the 2025 Lunar Return Project, Artemis 3.

The space suit we know, the bulky white space suit that has appeared in many films.

The new space suit has orange stripes on a dark gray background.

It is also 25kg lighter than before.

Special stitching was done to increase activity, and a high definition camera was also installed.

Specifically designed to be worn by 90% of American men and women.

With Artemis 3, NASA plans to land the first woman and astronaut of color on the moon.

▶ At the Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil Auction… Scientists are crying

A Tyrannosaurus rex fossil will be auctioned for the first time in Europe next month.

It is 11m in size and in very good condition.

The problem is that there may not be any museums that can buy fossils at high prices.

In the end, there are concerns that it could disappear into the private collections of the wealthy through auctions.

Experts point out that there will be fewer and fewer fossils available for research in the future.

▶ The fashion show is still full of skinny models… “95% small size”

Again this year, the runways of major fashion shows around the world were found to be dominated by thin models.

Among the clothes for the fall-winter 2023 fashion show, 95% of the clothes were in the X-small and small sizes in Korea.

Only 3.8% were of medium size, and less than 1% of larger size.

There is criticism that famous fashion brands set unrealistic standards of beauty by only putting thin models on stage, but change does not seem easy.

▶ Are you happy?… South Korea’s happiness index is at the bottom of the world

The level of happiness of the Koreans was found to be the lowest in the world.

A polling agency surveyed the happiness level of each country, and Korea was only 31st out of 32 countries.

will you be happy? Only 57% of Koreans answered that they were happy.

In particular, satisfaction with Korea’s national economic situation was 21%, and satisfaction with socio-political situation was 23%, well below average.

The country with the highest level of happiness was China, followed by Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, India and Brazil.

They found that the country with a lower level of happiness than Korea is Hungary.

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