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[날씨] Cozy holidays but air quality problems… Large daily temperature difference, atmospheric drying

One by one, the flowers also appear.

It’s a holiday full of cozy spring atmosphere.

I’m sorry about the air quality.

Atmospheric congestion continues.

Even foreign fine dust was flying here.

If you look at the current status of fine dust, the air quality shows a poor level concentrated in the western area.

A very fine dust advisory has been issued in the Incheon area.

From the night, the dust concentration will increase in other areas as well.

The sky will be cloudy across the country tomorrow.

Check the latest fine dust situation.

Although fine dust is such a problem, the sky itself is clear.

As the warm spring sun shines, the temperature rises rapidly.

The current temperature is 15.1 degrees in Seoul and 18.9 degrees in Daegu.

It’s cozy with above average temperatures, but when the sun goes down, the air cools down quickly.

There is a great risk of damaging your health during the changing seasons of the year when the daily temperature difference is great.

You will need to dress appropriately for the time of day.

On the other hand, the atmosphere dries up as the sunny weather continues every day.

Fire accidents occur frequently in most parts of the country.

In a dry atmosphere, even a small ember can become a large fire.

Be vigilant and control the fire thoroughly.

Between the coming Tuesday and Wednesday, rain forecast is centered on Jeju and the southern region.

Dry weather is expected for the rest of the region.

The weather has been reported so far.

(Kang Ji-su, weather caster)

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