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[경제읽기] The launch of the Apple Pay service… Will the simple payments market become a ‘catfish’?

‘Apple Pay’, Apple’s simple payment service, started domestic service from today.

As the world’s No. 1 simple payment service with over 200 million users, interest in the kind of variables Apple Pay’s landing in Korea will have in the simple payment and smartphone markets is growing.

Let’s look at related content with Kwon Hyuk-joong, an economic commentator.


Nine years after its launch in the global market, ‘Apple Pay’, Apple’s simple payment service, began domestic service. I wonder why it took so long to introduce Is there a special reason? What is the user’s response?

I am interested in how Apple Pay will influence the simple payment market, which was dominated by Samsung Pay and Kakao Pay, but can it really become a ‘catfish’? There is also the possibility that Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy series will lose some share to Apple’s iPhone. What do you think the variable will be?

Except for Hyundai Card, other card companies are watching the market situation while watching the impact of Apple Pay on the simple payment industry. What obstacles will Apple Pay have to overcome in order to successfully establish itself in the domestic market?

With UBS, Switzerland’s largest investment bank, deciding to acquire Credit Suisse, which is facing a liquidity crisis, global financial markets seem to be showing signs of calming down. Last night, the New York stock market also closed higher, but is it because of the relief that the banking crisis has subsided?

The financial authorities believe that the impact of the GMB crisis on the domestic financial market is limited, but they have decided to strengthen liquidity checks on the financial investment business What areas do you pay close attention to? What do you think is the most important thing to improve in order to improve the stability and soundness of the financial sector as a whole?

Concerns about the insolvency of financing domestic real estate projects are re-emerging. There is also an analysis that the restructuring of small and medium financial companies and construction companies in the secondary financial sector, exposed to real estate PF, is inevitable.

A ‘minimum living expenses’ loan product for vulnerable people struggling to find money will be released on the 27th. It is said that you can get a loan of up to 1 million won even if your credit score is below the lowest 20% or if you have a history of delinquency What is the background of the operation?

I am also curious about who can get a small living expenses loan and how. Can I get it just by applying?

Some pointed out that the interest rate on loans was too high as it was an emergency cost of living introduced for vulnerable groups on low credit and low income What is the position of the financial authorities? There were also concerns that the method of supporting the vulnerable in the form of loans could have side effects?

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