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Lower the 2030 industrial greenhouse gas reduction target to 11.4%

The government has decided to maintain the national greenhouse gas emission reduction target of 40% compared to 2018 by 2030, while reducing the reduction target for the industrial sector.

The 2050 Carbon Neutral Green Growth Committee, directly under the President, presented the first roadmap for the Yoon Seok-yeol administration related to reducing greenhouse gases and announced this.

The industrial sector, which had decided to reduce carbon emissions by 14.5% by 2030, presented a new target of 11.4%, 3.1 percentage points lower than before.

Instead, the reduction target in the energy sector will be increased by 1.5 percentage points to 45% by increasing the use of nuclear power plants and new and renewable energy, and supporting the commercialization of carbon reduction technologies such as hydrogen by investing KRW 89.9 trillion over five years.

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