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The public notice is reduced and the deduction is reduced… A series of flats excluding final tax


Last year, the government decided to cut real estate taxes, and the official price of apartments went down a lot, so the holding tax burden is expected to drop significantly this year.

In particular, it seems that apartments exempt from the comprehensive real estate tax will appear one after another.

This is Reporter Lee Jae-dong.


This is the case of having one unit with a unique area of ​​84㎡ in Eunma Apartment in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Last year, the comprehensive real estate tax was about 3 million won, including the special tax for rural areas, but this year it will be significantly reduced to 650,000 won.

This is due to the fact that the official price in Seoul decreased by an average of 17.3%, the basic deduction for one home owner rose from 1.1 billion won to 1.2 billion won, and the applied tax rate was reduced.

If it is a joint name of a married couple, the basic deduction goes up to 1.8 billion won, so most apartments in Gangnam, Seoul, including Eunma, are exempt from real estate tax comprehensive.

“In terms of comprehensive real estate tax alone, it is expected that there will be cases where the comprehensive real estate tax will be reduced by 55 to 70%.

It is estimated that second home owners will also be exempt from the heavy tax rate application from this year, and the reduction in the comprehensive real estate tax burden will reach 60-70%.

The problem is a reduction in tax revenue.

The government has set the expected tax revenue for this year at 5.7 trillion won, which is a drop of more than 16% from last year.

Property tax and final real estate tax will decrease, but the official price cut will increase the number of places to spend money.

“Due to the reduction in public prices, the number of eligible households for work incentives and child incentives next year is expected to increase by around 320,000 more than this year, and recipients of welfare systems such as the basic livelihood security system and national scholarships. they are also expected to expand.”

It is a story that the fiscal burden will increase in a situation where general tax revenue is expected to be slow this year.

This is Lee Jae-dong from Yonhap News TV. (

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