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Lawyer groups, “contradictory and deceptive” in the decision of the Constitutional Court

When the Constitutional Court admitted that there was a procedural violation in the legislative process of the ‘complete inspection’, the law continued its effect, and lawyers’ organizations criticized it one after the other.

The Association of Constitutional Lawyers criticized, “The decision of the Constitutional Court is a contradictory and deceptive decision that the result is even if the process and procedure violate the Constitution and the law.”

The Youth Lawyers Association for a New Future evaluated, “It is unfortunate in light of the legitimacy of democracy, political party politics, and the legitimacy of the process.”

On the other hand, the Lawyers for a Democratic Society said, “The decision of the Constitutional Court reaffirmed that the right to investigate and prosecute is not the property of prosecutors alone and must follow the decision of the National Assembly entrusted by the people. “

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