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[날씨] National effect of yellow dust, fine dust warning everywhere… Seoul during the day 18 degrees


Today, the whole country will be affected by yellow dust, and there will be places where the air quality rises to a very bad level.

It looks like the air will be cloudy even on the weekend, so you need to be careful.

For detailed weather, let’s find out by contacting a weather broadcaster.

Goo Bon-ah, Caster.


The air quality is bad because of the yellow dust.

Still, it’s a shame to miss this busy moment of spring, so the yellow forsythias are in full bloom on Mt. Eungbong.

The Eungbongsan Forsythia Festival continues until tomorrow.

Please refer to this point.

Today, the whole country will be affected by yellow dust.

Fine dust advisories are effective in many areas.

The metropolitan area, Chungcheong, Jeonbuk and Gyeongbuk has risen to the very bad level.

From the afternoon, the sand dust will move south with the wind.

Tomorrow, the weekend, will also be cloudy in south Chungcheong.

On the other hand, the high temperature was breaking.

The temperature itself will be higher than the previous year’s level today.

The midday temperature will be 18 degrees in Seoul and Daejeon, and 16 degrees in Daegu and Busan.

There will only be occasional clouds over the country for the weekend and the upcoming holidays.

We will have to pay attention to the effect of yellow dust until the weekend.

Tomorrow, too, Seoul will rise to 6 degrees in the morning and 19 degrees during the day in the weather with a large daily temperature difference.

For now, we will continue to see single digit temperatures in the morning.

Remember to keep this and dress warmly.

So far, I have been reporting on the weather in Eungbongsan.

(Koo Bon-ah, weather caster)

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