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North Korea reveals tactical nuclear warhead … Kim Jong-un “expands weapons-grade nuclear materials”


North Korea has once again raised its threat to use nuclear weapons.

“We must be perfectly prepared to use nuclear weapons anytime and anywhere,” Kim Jong-un said.

North Korea also released photos of tactical nuclear weapons.

Reporter Han Sang-yong assists.


North Korea has raised its nuclear threat level once again by targeting South Korea and the United States.

In leading the nuclear weapons project, Chairman Kim Jong-un ordered to “increase the production of weapons-grade nuclear materials.”

The Korean Central News Agency reported yesterday that Chairman Kim received a report from the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute on the “recent annual business situation and production status for the qualitative strengthening of the DPRK’s nuclear power in accordance with the direction and strategic policy of nuclear weapons development.”

In particular, Chairman Kim emphasized, “We must be perfectly prepared to use nuclear weapons anytime, anywhere, so that we will never use nuclear weapons.”

“The enemy fears us when a powerful and superior nuclear force takes an offensive posture,” he said, adding, “We must expand the production of weapons-grade nuclear materials and accelerate the production of powerful nuclear weapons .”

Along with this, North Korea claimed yesterday (27th) through North Korean media that it is also conducting training in the form of nuclear air strikes.

Specifically, North Korea released a photo for the first time showing Chairman Kim inspecting the Hwasan-31 tactical warhead developed by the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute.

In this exercise, “two tactical ground-to-ground ballistic missiles were used to conduct a training demonstration shooting in the form of nuclear aerial explosions,” North Korean media reported.

At the same time, the missile had a “test combat unit simulating a nuclear combat unit” which it claimed “conducted a virtual nuclear strike and detonated the combat unit in the air at 500m above the target.”

North Korea also revealed that it had conducted an underwater strategic weapons system test for three days from the 25th.

The unmanned nuclear submarine attack boat ‘Tsunami-1’, dispatched from Wonsan Bay, was submerged in the East Sea for 41 hours and 27 minutes and reached the target water area on the 27th, and the combat unit was tested fire accurately underwater. .

Based on this, North Korea claimed that “all tactical and technical specifications and underwater indicators have been correctly evaluated and the reliability and stability of the weapon system have been verified.”

This is Yonhap News TV Han Sang-yong.

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