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Kwon Do-hyeong sets up a corporation in Serbia, a ‘virtual money paradise’ while on the run

Terraform Labs CEO Dohyeong Kwon, who was recently captured in Montenegro, has been revealed to have set up a corporation in Serbia, known as ‘virtual money heaven’, despite being on the run for 11 months.

DL News, an Internet media specializing in virtual currency, reported that it was confirmed that CEO Kwon applied for the establishment of a company called ‘Chodocoi 22 Limited Belgrade’ in Serbia on October 12 last year.

Only about three weeks have passed since a red notice was issued by Interpol at the request of cooperation from the South Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office.

Chodocoi 22 was registered with the local authorities under the name of ‘other business and management consulting activities’, and the capital was about KRW 1,200.

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