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The National Pension Service, KT decided not to vote for the reappointment of three external directors

KT’s largest shareholder, the National Pension Service, decided not to approve the reappointment of three outside directors at KT’s regular shareholders’ meeting held today (31st).

The National Pension Fund Trustee’s Responsibility Expert Committee discussed the direction of exercising voting rights at KT’s regular shareholders’ meeting yesterday (30th), and decided to adopt ‘neutral’ for the reappointment of outside directors Kang Chung-gu and Yeo Eun-jung, and ‘ oppose’ to the reappointment of social directors. I decided.

The National Pension Service cited the reason for its decision to oppose the reappointment of an external director by saying it was “relevant to executives and staff members who have served within the last five years in a company with a significant business relationship. “

Reporter Seo Hyeong-seok (

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