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Typhoon ‘Nan Madol’ is heading north… Busan/Ulsan/Pohang typhoon warning


Typhoon ‘Nanmadol’ is moving north along the Japanese archipelago.

Due to the direct or indirect effects of typhoons, there are places where rain and wind blow mainly in Jeju and coastal areas.

Let’s find out more about the typhoon situation by contacting a meteorological reporter.

Reporter Donghyuk Kim!


Typhoon No. 14 ‘Nanmadol’ is moving north at a speed of 22 km/h on land about 180 km north of Kagoshima, Japan at 3 am.

The central pressure of the typhoon is 960 hPa, the radius of the strong wind is 400 km, and the wind speed in the center is 39 m / s, which is still strong.

‘Nan Madol’ is expected to turn northeast quickly from the northern tip of Kyushu, Japan, and move north along the Japanese archipelago.

Typhoon warnings are issued in Pohang and Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Yangsan and Changwon, Gimhae and Miryang, Haman and Tongyeong, Sacheon and Geoje, Goseong and Namhae, and Busan and Ulsan.

Additionally, a strong wind advisory is in effect for most coasts including Jeju and the south coast, and a heavy rain advisory is in effect for Taebaek and Sanchi in Gangwon, Yeongdeok and Uljin in Gyeongbuk, and Ulleungdo where strong sea breezes come in. .

Due to the direct and indirect effects of the typhoon, record-breaking high winds were observed along the coast at 30.8 m/s in Oryukdo in Busan and 26.9 m/s in Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do.

The accumulated precipitation for the two days was 53.5 mm in Ganjeolgot in Ulsan, 52 in Haeundae in Busan, 39.5 in Gyeongju, and 33.5 mm in Guryongpo in Pohang.

Strong winds of 25 to 35 m/s will blow throughout the day, focusing on the Yeongnam coast.

With strong winds, heavy rain of more than 30mm per hour will fall on the Yeongnam Coast, Yeongdong, and Ulleungdo, and the total precipitation will reach 100mm.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) urged people to prepare for damage, saying there are many places where high waves can exceed breakwaters or coastal islands due to high waves up to 10 meters above sea level.

So far, it has been reported by the press.

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