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Government question from tomorrow… Prospects for conflict in Japan diplomacy and grain law

The National Assembly will hold a government inquiry for three days starting tomorrow (3rd).

On the first day, questions in the fields of politics, diplomacy, unification, and security are expected to clash between the ruling and opposition parties related to diplomacy with Japan, including the answer to forced labor and the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima.

In the economic field the day after tomorrow (4th), the opposition and opposition parties are expected to clash over the revision of the Grain Control Act, which the National Assembly’s plenary session recently passed under the leadership of the Democratic Party of Korea, and whether to raise electricity and gas rates.

In addition, on the 5th, the last day, on the 5th, the plan to reform the government’s working hours and the issue of school violence by the son of the lawyer Jeong Soon-shin, who was appointed as the head of the National Investigation Headquarters, is expected. emerge again.

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