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Gangnam gang kidnapping and murder, the motive for the crime… warrant review tomorrow



An arrest warrant was requested for the gang that kidnapped and killed a woman in the center of Gangnam.

It is only known that he was aiming for money, but the specific motive for the murder has not yet been revealed.

There are many unanswered questions.

This is reporter Park Sang-ryul on the sidewalk.


According to the police, one of the suspects who took part directly in the kidnapping and murder said that ‘the crime was planned for the purpose of extorting money’.

He is said to have committed a crime targeting the victim’s virtual currency.

In particular, it was not confirmed how much virtual money the victim owned.

It is said that Mr. Lee, who suggested the first crime, already had a financial relationship with the victim.

Mr. is not Lee, the core of this case, has opened up his specific relationship with the victim again.

Whether the crime was committed simply to steal virtual money is a part that needs further investigation.

Depending on the type of relationship Lee had with the victim, it appears the motive for the crime will be revealed.

It is known that one of the suspects, who had never met the woman, stated that he committed kidnapping and murder to pay a debt of 36 million won.

In addition to 36 million won, it is also a point to look to see if there was any purpose to extort other money from the victim.

In addition to these people, the police are investigating other people related to the victim, leaving several possibilities open.

A substantial review of the arrest warrant for Lee and three others is to be held on the morning of the 3rd.

This is Park Sang-ryul from Yonhap News TV. (

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